Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Describe your character competition

Drivethru RPG are running a competition that might be of interest to role-players - describe your character to have a chance of winning an Android tablet, games, etc.:

We've launched a contest today that I think most of you will find to be a great deal of fun, and I'd appreciate your help in spreading the word.

Here's the link for the thing (should be active now, or it will be later this morning):

Essentially, we're inviting everyone to stat up and post a brief description of their favorite characters. The best ones will be posted for the world at large to vote on, both on our site and on Facebook. There's some rather awesome prizes involved, and I think you'll all agree we got three great judges for it.

The only condition seems to be that you need to have an account with them, they don't seem to be claiming ownership of the characters etc. It'll be interesting to see what wins, I just hope it won't be yet another barbarian with a big axe.
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