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Marcus L. Rowland

King or Queen?

At home because I've felt like death for the last couple of days (probably just man-flu), which gives me the time to meditate on important(?) questions...

In FF XII London is going to be the largest city in the world:
The largest city on Earth, London extends from the Channel coast to the suburb of Cambridge, from Swindon to the Thames Estuary, and merges seamlessly with towns as far to the north as Manchester, unified by a complex network of roads, high-speed tube railways, and aerial services. Much of the French coast south of London is effectively a continuation of the suburbs; three high-capacity tube and road tunnels ensure that commuters can usually reach the heart of the city in 45 minutes by rail, less than 30 by air.

I'm going to be saying more about the city and its infrastructure, e.g. the hundreds of freight trains from Ireland etc. that bring in produce to keep the city alive, but the main question that's bugging me right now - for the header to this section, is London the King or Queen of cities?

Googling on "London King/Queen of cities" gives me "About 96,700,000 results" for King, and "About 56,600,000 results" for Queen. It's a victory for King, but I'm still not convinced it's so overwhelming that I can rule Queen out of contention completely.

So, if cities have a gender at all, would the ridiculously large expanded London I'm describing here be the King or the Queen of cities, and if so, why?
Tags: forgotten futures, rpg, the struggle for empire

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