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Trouble Brewing 6: The One Where Evil Hears From His Sponsors - BtVS / Multiple crossover drabble

BtVS / Multiple crossover drabble series - all characters belong to the usual corporate suspects, not me!

It's been a while since the last Drabble (but if you want to read them all previous parts are here)

Previously in Trouble Brewing...

After Dawn's blood opens Glory's dimensional portal, a sleek fighter bursts through and crashes into the circling dragon. Its blood showers down and closes the portal before Dawn or Buffy can sacrifice herself to save the world. When the Scoobies reach the plane's ejector seat they discover that the pilot is unconscious and has the word STARBUCK on her suit. Not realising that this is the pilot's call-sign, Willow investigates and discovers that Starbucks are indeed stockpiling weapons and fighter aircraft. Learning of her investigation, Doctor Evil (who of course secretly owns Starbucks) postpones his plans for global domination. Meanwhile Starbuck (the pilot, not the coffee company) recovers consciousness and turns out to be afraid of (a) the Buffybot and (b) toasters. Everyone is confused by this. Meanwhile Doctor Evil has activated an emergency backup plan to achieve world domination by cornering the global coffee bean supply. With the world suffering acute caffeine withdrawal symptoms, and Abby desperate for a Caff-Pow fix, the NCIS team vows to bring him to justice. Meanwhile in Sunnydale there have been explanations, and a jittery Willow is considering various forms of voodoo to bring Starbucks and/or Toasters to justice...

Confused? You will be...

The One Where Evil Hears From His Sponsors

by Marcus L. Rowland

"There's a message" said Number Two; a cowboy chorus appeared as Doctor Evil opened it.

Bad Horse! Bad Horse!
Bad Horse! Bad Horse!

The Evil League of Evil
Is getting quite annoyed
Unless you fix this quickly
Your membership is void

Our members all want caffeine
So get the ransom in...
Then restore the status quo
Or endless pain you soon will know
Unless the coffee starts to flow
It's to the grinder YOU will go...
The League will do you in!

(signed) Bad Horse! Bad Horse!
Bad Horse! Bad Horse!
The Thoroughbred of Sin

"We're screwed," said Doctor Evil


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