Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Houdini lives...

...but appears to have reincarnated as a spider.

This probably requires some explanation.

I went to put some shopping into one of the side boxes on my motorbike this evening and found that the inside of the box was criss-crossed with spider webs. Looking around inside I eventually found a fairly large spider at the top, where he (she, it, whatever - damned if I know how to sex them) was going to be squashed if I put the shopping in.

So I tried to catch him without hurting him, with a view to moving him to some nearby plants. This took something like five minutes, because the little bugger seemed to have better reactions than I do, and ended with it slipping between my fingers, dropping down a web to the bottom of the box, and jumping out before I could catch him. He was last seen vanishing under the canvas cover over another bike - I suspect that the owner will be surprised by a vast quantity of spider webs he finds next time he gets the bike.

All of which leaves me wondering how the hell the spider got in there in the first place - the box is allegedly waterproof, so there can't be many holes, and leads to the suspicion that Houdini is alive, well, and reincarnated...

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