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Crossrail Update

Crossrail's project of screwing up the traffic most of the places I go in London continues - they've closed off the end of my road (e.g. the route I take to work) for the next five weeks so that they can survey gas and water pipes leading to the bridge over the railway at Royal Oak Station, preliminary to replacing the gas and water mains under the bridge, which are (a) huge and (b) 50+ years old. I can see the point in doing this now, it just means that my route to work takes four or five minutes longer and goes over 14 road humps instead of three... I start my holidays at the end of next week, after that I'll mostly be off the road for four weeks so hopefully it won't be a huge problem.

I've finally managed to get a good look at the actual tunnel; there's a foot bridge at the other end of the road which gives a view from about 200 metres away (according to Google Earth):

The yellow thing above the cutting is the mobile crane I've mentioned before.

My house is due south of the second of the cross-beams above the cutting. Artist's impression of what it will eventually be like - I don't know if this means that the cross-beams will be removed.

Unfortunately I couldn't go even an inch more to the right to take the photo, because the bridge has solid sides from that point onwards, rather than the steel grid I took this through.

The bridge behind the tunnel opening is the one that is going to be repaired - I hope that they will also be doing something about the potholes that keep appearing at its ends.

To make this clearer, the map showing the area is here,-0.191483&spn=0.00268,0.00544&t=h&z=18
I took the pictures from the north end of the footbridge at the left, where it goes under trees. The tunnel opening is about 2/3rds of the way towards the bridge at the right.

According to the flyer we received about this, actual tunnelling will start in 2012.
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