Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Yesterday's Charity Shop Bargain


Some background - I'd read the latest Dresden Files novel over the previous couple of days and really enjoyed it. So I was in the mood for another good book. Since I want to lose weight I'm trying to take a longish walk either side of lunch every day, and a good way to combine the two is a bookshop / charity shop trawl.

Yesterday I started with Queensway, a few hundred yards from my home, didn't find anything exciting (I'm in the shops there at least once a week so it isn't surprising), but dropped off some old pairs of glasses at the opticians, for a charity thing that uses them for people in third world countries. If you have any old specs that are no longer right for you it's a good way to dispose of them - every optician in the UK should be able to take them. They don't want the cases for some reason, so I gave them to one of the charity shops.

After that I went across Kensington Gardens to High Street Kensington, had a look to see if PC world had any bargains (fat chance) and stopped for lunch at Wagamama. Then had a good browse through several shops along Kensington Church Street and at Notting Hill gate, and took a slightly circuitous route home via Portobello Road (not really worth visiting on a Wednesday but it was a nice day) for a total walk of about four miles.

My only purchase was Tom Clancy's new book (co-written with Peter Telep, whoever he is), which one of the charity shops had at four pounds - cover price is £20. And having read the first couple of chapters I can see why it was given to the charity shop - it's dreadful, and I can't bring myself to care about any of the characters. Unless I'm missing something it doesn't appear to be in the Jack Ryan continuity or otherwise linked to his other books, and I think that if a new author had submitted something like this it would have been rejected with extreme prejudice. Waste of a lot of trees.

Oh well... I'm sure that there's a charity shop somewhere that wants it...

In other news I've got hold of two more copies of Pearson's Magazine that still have the adverts - an American issue for June 1917, and a UK issue for October 1898 - both are in reasonably good condition, and I ought to have the ads scanned fairly soon.

Posted to Dreamwidth earlier today (Thursday), but due to the ongoing problem it didn't get reposted to Livejournal.

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