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Diana Warrior Princess

A long time ago I wrote an article called "Diana, Warrior Princess" which basically applied the Xena treatment to the twentieth century. It appeared in Valkyrie magazine and there was immediate interest from publishers, but for one reason and another it never appeared as a fully-fledged RPG.

Now I'm delighted to say that it's finally going to be in print from Heliograph Inc. and on sale early next year. Full details should be on Heliograph's site soon, but briefly it'll be 100+ pages with some wonderful illustrations by Aaron Williams selling at $14.95 (£9.95 in the UK). I'm hoping to have a few copies to sell at Dragonmeet next month; if they're ready in time I'll be selling them at full cover price and donating 20% of the proceeds to Cancer Research UK.

Here's Heliograph's ad for the game:


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