Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's walk

Thought I'd try something a little different today so I walked to Hyde Park, then through the park to Oxford Street. Got some clothes at Primark, then walked North through Marylebone, called in briefly at work to check for mail, then through Regent's Park to Camden Town.

Had a very nice meal at Veg, a Thai Chinese Vegetarian Buffet in Kentish Town Road, which I thoroughly recommend - £5.90 for an "all you can eat" vegetarian lunch with a huge assortment of foods; I was very virtuous and only ate one and a bit platefuls plus a fruit salad dessert (included in the price) and green tea (£1.50, refills free).

After that my original plan had been to walk home along the canal to Little Venice and from there to home, but I was hoping that Be Broadband were ready to connect me to their network so I decided to take the bus instead. So the total walk was a bit over five miles, but only the last few hundred yards were after I'd eaten, which is not ideal. Never mind...

Got home to find that the inkjet printer has arrived, but the message from Be hadn't. And still hasn't, as of 5.50 PM. I'm still hoping it'll be sorted today, but it won't be the end of the world if it takes a day or two longer.

later And ten minutes later the code has arrived and I'm on line - so far I've only tested it with the laptop directly by the phone socket, but it's working and seems to be pretty fast.

Later still And it's working fine in my workroom via the phone extension - getting fairly consistent speed around 9.2MB download, 840K upload - which will save me a LOT of bother. Only snag so far is that the phone socket is slightly awkwardly placed for where I want the router, but that should be easy enough to fix or work around.

later later still Spoke too soon - when I remembered to plug the phone in it immediately went down and I couldn't get a connection again - but it's fine with the router in the hall and the phone only on the extension. So for tonight I'll work with the laptop if I need web access, tomorrow I'll get a long patch lead and set up a switch in my work room. In some ways this is better because it gives me 8 network sockets in the work room and four in the lounge, and would make it easy to put sockets in every room.

YAY! For some values of YAY, YMMV...

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