Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Knock wood...

Everything is now working - two PCs and this iBook can access the internet, the network printer, and the network hard drive. I've printed sticky labels for everything on the wired network saying its static IP address, so hopefully there won't be more confusion.

Except that I'm now thinking that it might be nice to get hold of a network to 2 (or more) USB ports print server, that would let me hang the little label printer and the inkjet onto the network too.

This isn't really necessary as such, but it appeals to my love of superfluous technology. They seem to be available at about the £20 mark via eBay, but I suspect that they're pretty basic at that price. And I suspect that they will find IP address automatically, which isn't ideal. And that wireless ones will cost a lot more...

Anyone familiar with the technology, got any thoughts or suggestions?

The other possibility (and probably easier to implement) is that I hang the printers on my work computer and share them across the network. That isn't ideal since the main computer would have to be on line to let anyone print, but it wouldn't cost anything. Does anyone have experience of that, especially if the host computer is a Windows PC and the computer that wants to print is a Mac?

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