Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


Another walk to the British Library, another four hours in the reading room, and I think that The Struggle For Empire is finally proofread. I found two instances of words joined where they should have been separated, one word that was hyphenated and shouldn't have been, and a dozen or so instances of paragraph breaks that shouldn't have been there, usually when a page began with a new sentence . Amazingly that was it, no spelling errors etc.

I can now look at getting the HTML, PDF and ePub versions sorted.

An odd problem's come up - the font I'm using for drop caps on this one is Kramer. When I put the Word document onto the iBook I discovered that I didn't have Kramer installed. When I tried to install it I got a message that the font was unsafe and could cause system crashes. Does this mean I shouldn't use it, even when it's embedded in the PDF?

Can someone who understands this stuff take a look?

It's here:

If this is a bad idea I'd prefer to know ASAP, before I use it at the start of every section in the RPG!

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