Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Drabble - Mistaken Identity

Wrote this over lunch, hope it isn't too far from canon but can't check from work. I'll upload it to archives tonight if there are no problems.

Stargate / BtVS crossover Drabble, no spoilers.

This one is for Laney, Tassos, etc.

Repost to fix idiot mistake!

Mistaken Identity

By Marcus L. Rowland

"Did you really think the System Lords ignorant of the Slayer?" asks Osiris. You test your bonds, ignore her.

She frowns, raises a hand to cause pain.

The shackles shatter. You seize Osiris' throat and break her neck. Zats fire uselessly as you crush the parasite within her, kill the guards, move to the engines before barriers can close.

You tap the shell's knowledge, trigger catastrophic failure. As the ship explodes you watch the Jaffa die around you, eliminate survivors. Soon the Tauri will come for you. In the war against false gods, the reality is too useful to abandon.


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