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More walking and Crossrail

Today's walk was to the footbridge where I can see the Crossrail tunnel opening, where I took a couple of photos, then a hike along Harrow Road to Ladbroke Grove, Portobello Road (where I had a nice but way too fattening burger for lunch - I did at least remember to say no mayonnaise or chips), Notting Hill Gate and home again, about 4.3 miles. Got several books including the last Cathy Reichs novel, a Robert Parker I haven't previously read, and some SF including a couple of the Harry Dresden books - stuff I've read before but won't mind reading again, and cheap enough that I won't worry about giving them away I'm done with them.

This time I had the small camera with me, which has so much depth of field that I couldn't take a photo through the mesh without it taking up most of the frame - I had to hold it up to take a photo over the fence, and couldn't see the screen clearly while doing so; fortunately I seem to have got it reasonably right:

Not a huge amount of obvious change since the last time I was there, but presumably things are continuing.

I can't remember if I even looked this way last time, I certainly didn't take any photos - I have a feeling that most of this activity is new. This is looking in the direction of the Great West Road, the main site entrance is by the bus garage there. Eventually the rails will run along here from the tunnel to merge with the existing tracks.

Don't think they're worth posting to Wikipedia, there isn't that much change since last time and the quality isn't as good - really hoping that there will be advance warning of the giant tunnelling machine of doom next year so that I can get pictures of that.
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