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Haven't posted about Consternation because I've been busy - started Friday night with a panel on weird science (where I got to practice my evil laugh and generally behave like an idiot), Also played some fun board games, then yesterday morning I ran my own thing on making sense of the "science" of The Struggle for Empire, which was a qualified success - it still doesn't make much sense but I think I can paper over the cracks.

I ran an adventure in that setting in the afternoon - the Wagon Train to the Stars thing, with the characters named for Firefly crew with various evil twists - one was a traitor to the cause, another was a psychopath (and no, I DON'T mean Fred T. Jayne, engineer), and so forth. Ended up with them fleeing Earth then Mars leaving bodies behind them wherever they went, which isn't bad considering I started out with the character descriptions and about five WORDS of notes then improvised the rest as they went along.

Later on I took part in a "Just a Minute" game and established that I am way too slow at spotting hesitation, deviation and repetition, think I came last.

Then we had the auction, and I picked up some good stuff - Silver Age Sentinels, a BIG CoC campaign based on Ramsay Campbell's books, the GURPS Castle Falkenstein Byzantine Empire supplement, and a couple of other things, all for £12. Sold my last copy of the original Canal Priests of Mars plus a copy of the new printing for more than that, though the proceeds went to the convention fund.

Ended up the evening playing "the nasty horse racing game" which has fairly simple but VERY evil mechanics - apparently it's available quite cheaply, if you want a nice game that takes a couple of hours with some fun player versus player tmechanics it's well worth a try.

Today I'm playing in a GURPS Discworld game run by Phil Masters, then in the afternoon I'll be running my Diana-based Fanfic game. Not sure about the evening yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something.
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