Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Moving the Earth's Axis of Rotation

Mists, fogs, cold rains, and other nuisances of the older civilization, have been abolished, for the pole of the earth has been tilted round so that an almost tropical climate prevails through the whole of England.
The Struggle for Empire - Introduction

Assuming that (a) you could change the earth's axis of rotation to any line through its centre of gravity without harmful side effects, (b) you wanted to give Britain a warm climate, and (C) you don't want to make the American or German climates much worse, where would you put the North and South poles? Technology available includes antigravity, force fields that can keep heat out, and apparently limitless powerful sources.

later Forgot to say that I'm trying to think of a way of doing it that doesn't make Alaska, Canada and New Zealand and Australia a lot colder. I forgot to mention that in the original post, for which my bad, but there's so much mineral wealth in Alaska that I suspect the Empire would be VERY reluctant to see it under an ice cap.

Also forgot to say that I'm thinking in terms of a Mediterranean climate for Britain, so 15 degrees further south (as suggested by dsample is probably about right.

timill has suggested putting the N. Pole somewhere in Siberia rather than Alaska, which works well with the history of the setting and a defeated Russian empire, that puts the S. Pole nearer the tip of S. America - again I can live with that, though I'll need to sit down with some maps and work it out properly. Before I go with that and start drawing maps etc. (or looking for something that will do the job for me) does anyone have any other suggestions?