Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Bye-Bye BOINC and Wedding web site update

I've decided to uninstall BOINC, the replacement for SETI at home, since it never seems to have any work; I'm not convinced that it's working properly. Maybe the settings I gave it are causing problems, but I've really lost interest in trying to figure it out.

I'll go back to the original SETI program for now if I can get the damned thing to install properly (right now it's hanging, which I suspect means that it can't download a data file or something). If they do eventually decide to terminate the old type of file I think they can manage without me.

Meanwhile, further to yesterday's query, it emerges that my niece may not want a web site - they don't actually own a computer, which is something I hadn't realised, don't particularly want to, and nobody actually got round to asking them about it during the wedding, so it may end up with me just running off CDs for family members and guests who can use them.

Later edit: And what I forgot to do was apologise to everyone who commented on the original post for wasting their time.

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