Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's eBay bargain...

...and I really do MEAN bargain... was eight volumes of The London Magazine, AKA Harmsworth's Magazine, covering 1904 to 1908. The vendor started them at 99p, collection only, so there was only one other bidder, and I got them for £8.49 - on top of which I paid only £15 for collection by courier, so I got them for £23.49, a little under £3 a volume, and about £1.50 a kilo.

I'm utterly astonished by this - they're in immaculate condition and include (from a cursory look) the first publication of The Railway Children and a lot of other interesting stuff; for example, the first volume I opened had a Wells story, but I can't use that until 2016! Probably not so many scientific romances as were in Pearson's Magazine over similar periods, but I think there will be plenty of stuff for the FF CD-ROM etc. By comparison, I was happy to pay £2.50 plus postage for a single issue of Pearson's Magazine recently, just to get a look at the advertising.

Somewhat smug anyway.

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