Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Torchwood finale thoughts

A good ending to a series that dragged on a bit too long - would have worked much better as say 6 episodes - but it does leave me a little worried about the future of the show.

Was just talking to rozk. Roz was pleased that PR girl survived, and I suppose I am too, but it occurred to me later that she's hitched her star to an organization that seems to be firmly modeled on e.g. THRUSH rather than SPECTRE - no charismatic leader, takes decades to develop hugely complex plans that fail in about five minutes then claims that the backup plan was better anyway, etc. etc.

Since their whole operation is operating in the shadows what the hell do they need a PR person for anyway? Wouldn't they do better to ditch her and give the illusion that they no longer existed? And so forth.

Obviously they're going to be back, possibly as the big bads of the next series or next but one - I just hope that Torchwood isn't going to become the new Man From Uncle, and that there will be more variety, fiendish alien plots, etc. in the next series.

As for Rex - look, we've already got Captain Scarlet Jack, do we really need another immortal in Torchwood? The only way I can see this working is if it's somehow temporary and gradually wears off as Rex's blood replaces itself. But I think it's more likely that this is the setup for a separate Torchwood US show - we'll just have to see.

Two thoughts on the denouement;

if I was the villain in Torchwood I would have killed Gwen then used my thugs to subdue Jack and Rex without shedding their blood - just knock them out and drag them out of the buildings. Maybe push Danes down into the pit before he can detonate. There must have been ways to handle that without spilling enough blood to trigger the change, e.g. tranquilizer darts.

And lastly, did Danes really have to die a hero? I was hoping he would be scum right to the end...


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