Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Cheapish Neodymium magnets

My local Rymans has been selling end-of-line pack of ten “magnetic name badges” which turn out to be ten plastic name-tag holders (fairly useless) plus ten magnetic clips consisting of two 1cm width neodymium magnets encased in plastic and linked by a plastic strip – the idea is that the magnets are on either side of e.g. a pocket and hold the badge in place without damaging the cloth. It’s easy to take them apart and get the magnets out - in fact, they sometimes come apart spontaneously, which I suspect is why they are being remaindered. Another reason may be that they are strong enough to damage magnetic credit card strips, interfere with some medical implants, etc. The bottom line is you get twenty fairly strong Neodymium magnets for £2.99

I got two packs for work; don't know if other branches are selling them, but if you want neodymium magnets it may be worth a look. I haven't seen them this cheap elsewhere.
Tags: science

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