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Tilting the earth - scenario

After a rethink of the way I've laid out the section on the project to re-align the Earth I ended up with about a third of a page unused. So naturally I wrote a scenario outline...

Adventure Idea: Sicilian Gambit
While Europe came through the adjustment project with relatively little damage, southern Italy and Sicily suffered a series of disasters. Problems began when a faction of a local criminal gang known as the “Black Hand” or “Mafia” coerced the local project management into building the main regional gravity generator on land they owned, rather than the most geologically appropriate site. As a result the strain of the adjustment was not spread evenly, and Etna erupted explosively in 2120. By ill-chance a boulder weighing several hundred tons thrown out by the volcano shattered the gravity generator, which triggered a series of earthquakes. Pollution from the volcano caused repeated crop failures, leading to widespread deforestation; it then emerged that the criminals had somehow become the main contractors in construction of the Stuberoff apparatus built to protect the area from rising temperatures, and had used sub-standard components which repeatedly failed. By 2150 most of Sicily was uninhabitable, so parched and desolate that it was simpler to evacuate the area than attempt to repair the damage. Southern Italy fared somewhat better, but a degree of desertification did occur, and has still not been fully corrected.

Even today rival factions of the Black Hand still blame each other for the disaster and the destruction of their homeland, and their feuds result in several deaths a year.

Adventurers with criminal contacts are hired to provide security for a meeting of the factions, an attempt to end the feud and make their operations more profitable. All those participating will be violent criminals who have been involved in the blood feud all their lives. Resolving this mess and making peace won’t be easy – and some of the factions may have very different ideas, given a chance to get their enemies leaders under one roof…

Tags: forgotten futures, rpg, the struggle for empire

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