Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Mac update

So far the reinstall has gone pretty well - WiFi and the keychain are working a lot better and I don't have to keep entering passwords every time I change network, and all of the applications I've put back seem to be OK. There's still some sort of problem with my home WiFi (the old "can't access the printer / file server and internet simultaneously" problem I've encountered before), I'm guessing that something has got messed up in IP address land, but that's not exactly urgent.

The odd moment was last night, after running the install I wanted to check that no hardware drivers needed updating (since I was reverting to a marginally earlier version) and went on line to Apple's site. Which of course had replaced its normal front page with a huge picture of Steve Jobs and his dates of birth and death, they must have announced it just after after I saw the TV news earlier in the evening. Felt very odd I should just be doing the rebuild at that moment in history, but I suppose hundreds of people do it every day.

While I've always been primarily a DOS / Windows user, there's no denying that he and Apple had a huge influence on computing, not just in style and look and feel but in basic stuff like reliability. The problems I've been having would have seemed like normal behaviour on my last laptop, which ran Windows 98, it was a miracle when that one was able to connect to WiFi at all. A lot of the credit for the change goes to Jobs.

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