Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Frozen yogurt update

I didn't want to get too boring about this so I've put off posting until I've had a few goes, all were about .7 litres.

Attempt 1 - just yogurt + 1 tablespoon sugar and vanilla - a bit too yogurty/sour but OK

Attempt 2 - Yogurt + gold blend coffee & sugar, not sure of exact quantities - Horrible. Too sweet but also too bitter, still tasted of yogurt pluas metallic taste I didn't like, and didn't set properly. Next time I try a small amount of coffee in the basic mix as attemot 3

Attempt 3 - Yogurt + 1.5 tbsp sugar + vanilla -OK, still a very slight sourness but perfectly palatable

Attempt 4 - orange sorbet - Waitrose orange juice (the type with bits of pulp in it + 1 spoon sugar - very nice indeed, might have benefitted from more fruit pulp, e.g. if I'd pulped another orange into it.

The overall problem I'm encountering is that everything freezes very hard - I'm using low fat yogurt etc. so there's nothing to lower the freezing point to the sort of level where it's still possible to scoop it straight from the freezer. Thawing it without making it liquid is proving a little tricky, unless there's a way to fix this I think for best results I need to make it in smaller quantities and eat it the same day.

Many thanks again to raygungothic for the machine!

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