Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Adding programs to Wine menu

This is a silly one...

Neither of the oscilloscope programs offered in the Ubuntu Linux software centre want to work on the little netbook, so I've installed Wine and a teeny program called Winscope, which is a basic Windows 3.1 freeware oscilloscope. I will probably use Wine with other programs so I haven't just added a few hundred megabytes of files to run a single 800k application.

The trouble is that it's a tiny single-file Windows program and the Windows install method is simply to copy it onto the hard disk and put a link on the menu.

I've managed the putting on the hard disk part. I've managed running it under Wine and configuring Wine to emulate Windows 3.1 when running it. What I can't manage is getting it onto the applications menu. It just isn't there, even after a reboot, though Wine obviously knows it exists.

Anyone got a suggestion on how to do this?
Tags: linux

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