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Fanfic - Warehouse 13 / Young Wizards - License Agreement

Here's a Warehouse 13 / Young Wizards crossover drabble, everything you need to know (if you don't know the fandoms) is in the end notes.

later Changed the last few words very slightly

License Agreement

Marcus L. Rowland

Claudia was never a fan of taking inventory, especially when it came to dangerous artifacts, but knew that it had to be done.

Sometimes items vanished. Sometimes, as now, they appeared. A state of the art MacBook Air, with nothing to indicate how it got there. And, weirdly, the Apple logo missing its trademark bite.

The opening screen showed a block of text; at first it was gibberish, then suddenly she could read it.
"In Life's name and for Life's sake..."
"That's a weird license," she thought, scrolling down to the usual prompts, [Cancel] [Agree], hesitated, then clicked an icon.


Notes for the perplexed: Claudia Donovan is the youngest employee of Warehouse 13, a repository for artifacts that have to be removed from circulation to protect the world. They probably have the Ark of the Covenant in there somewhere... She's a computer genius in her early twenties, with a habit of getting into trouble with the artifacts. In the Young Wizards universe anyone who potentially has the ability to use magic will sooner or later receive a copy of the Wizard's manuai - originally it was disguised as a book called "So You Want To Be A Wizard," but more recently computer versions have become available. If you read and agree to the wizard's oath (the full text is here) you can carry on reading and start to learn magic, with a strong possibility that you will soon be in great danger; if you don't, you soon forget that you ever saw it. Claudia is unusually old to become a wizard, but it isn't unprecedented.

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