Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Netbook update - Minty fresh but no WINE

The micro USB WiFi stick arrived and I completely failed to get it to work - Ubuntu seems to have a lot of problems with many of the common USB WiFi chip sets. The only one I could get to work was an old and VERY large no-name pod about twice the size of most memory sticks. And that stopped working after I tried to tweak ubuntu to let me run the Windows driver for the miniature stick, and I couldn't figure out what I did wrong.

So last night I decided I needed to start over (for the fourth time so far) and followed vicarage's recommendation and installed Mint linux instead; Mint is basically Ubuntu without Unity and some other stuff that doesn't play nicely on netbooks, and so far it seems to be very good. Managed to get the micro WiFi pod working in about five minutes, which gives me most of the features I need in a netbook, I'm now trying to reinstall the applications that worked well, and trying some other stuff.

First problem so far is that Wine doesn't seem to want to work properly, and the software manages seems to list a lot more components than it did under Ubuntu - can anyone tell me which ones are needed, and which order I should install them?

Much later worked in the end, after uninstalling and reinstalling twice. Really not over-impressed by it, unfortunately, it has all sorts of problems with anything even sligtly non-standard. I'll leave it installed in case I really need windows compatibility and have no choice, but that isn't the case for anything I need to do on the netbook so far.

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