Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

2011 in posts meme

There's a meme where you post the first line of the first non-private post you made each month and it summarises your year. Let's give it a shot [notes / updated info if any in brackets]

1/1/11 Happy New Decade! [the decade begins on January 1st of year 1, not zero!]
2/2/11 The latest on the big Crossrail project is that they are about to start on the first phase of the main excavation, digging out 20,000 cubic metres of soil to create the rail portal leading to the tunnels. [that phase is now finished]
1/3/11 Just looking at some items in's current five pound lineup.
3/4/11 About ten days ago I noticed that someone was selling a "deflection EM bottle" on eBay for a minimum bid of tenner plus postage. [Gloating about some VERY cheap techno-junk]
1/5/11 Poundland in Portobello Road has polished granite chopping boards for £1.
3/6/11 Can anyone tell me how to add a link to The Laundry (or to The Atrocity Archives) on the Wikipedia page [since done]
1/7/11 Fun short film gacked from rozk [ ]
1/8/11 Everything is now working - two PCs and this iBook can access the internet, the network printer, and the network hard drive. [followed several days of problems caused by my own stupidity]
1/9/11 Spotted in today's crossover_news [story rec]
1/10/11 ( spoilers! ) [cut to comments on the Dr. Who final episode]
1/11/11 These are the games I'm planning to run at Dragonmeet 2011 on November 26th [half right - I changed my mind on one of them]
1/12/11 was Danger: Diabolik on DVD, for 3 quid. [the title was "Today's charity shop bargain]

So... the inevitable opening move, four entries on bargains, one on Crossrail, four on SF / media stuff, one on computers, and one on games. Sounds a fairly typical year...

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