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The state of the Rowland

I haven't been posting much lately because I've been rather busy with some domestic crises - most notably, another dental emergency, plus the upper layers of the flat roof above the landing outside my bedroom blew off when there were heavy winds a few days before Christmas; it's not something I can do myself, so I've had to get in builders and scaffolders and it has been bloody expensive. It also took much longer than I expected, due to the weather, and was only finished yesterday with the scaffolding removed today.

I had to do it fast, due to the amount of water coming in, and couldn't wait for the insurers to approve my claim - hopefully there won't be problems, but I suspect that they will drag their heels on payment. As a first step I've had to transfer a grand from savings to my current account to meet the cheques for the scaffolder and estimate, and sooner or later will have to pay a very large credit card bill - christmas plus dentists plus builders have not been cheap. I'm just hoping that the insurers will pay me first, so that I can clear it quickly.

That plus returning to work this week has left me feeling VERY tired and fed-up; hopefully my mood will improve as the days get longer and I get more used to being back at work, if I don't run amok with a machete first. If I even owned a machete...

No need for sympathy, I'm not going to be bankrupted by this or anything, it's just a continuous drip of annoyance.

Tomorrow I'll try to sort out the landing, and move back all the books that were out there until water started coming in. Fun, fun, fun...
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