Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Crossrail photos

As mentioned yesterday, I went out today and took a couple more pictures of the Crossrail portal from a footbridge a couple of hundred yards west of my house. There's a steel mesh fence there and the only good way to get a picture is to hold the camera on top of the fence, about six inches above my head height, and hope it'll be OK. These aren't too bad, but I've had to crop both a little - the first because part of the bottom of the picture was blocked by the fence, the second because it showed some people standing relatively near the camera (to the right) and I didn't have their permission. I'll be uploading to Wikimedia shortly. The cameras was my little Fuji - I really don't want to carry a large SLR around Portobello market etc.

The first shows the portal (not the actual tunnel entrances, unfortunately, the angle is wrong), and the steel structure that's now been built above it. I now think that this is a cable support - they presumably have to make the high voltage cables follow the slope of the track.

The second is looking towards the bus terminal at Great West Road (the red building in the distance behind the two red cranes) and shows some of the assembled engineering stuff. The circular thing to the left of the cranes is part of the giant tunnelling machine of doom, I assume.

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