Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


The Salute wargames con was OK - felt a little less vibrant than last year, not quite sure why. I did think that there didn't seem to be as many easy-access participation games as usual, but that may have been my imagination. I did play a couple of scenarios - one, Gruntz, was a sort of space marine thing which I narrowly won, the other was a short 7TV scenario - the game I loved last year, which is loosely based on 1960s-70s TV - which was great fun but a disaster for me from beginning to end, and involved the annihilation of my entire team of adventurers. I can't blame anyone but myself, some very uncooperative dice were also a factor but it was mostly my own fault for completely buggering up the tactics.

Purchases were the Laundry RPG (based on the novels by C. Stross of this parish) and its scenario book Black Bag Jobs, the latest 7TV supplement On Location, and one of the Titan Judge Dredd collections. I was looking for a couple of other things but couldn't find them, and the bring and buy was almost bereft of RPG material, so not a huge amount of luck there.

So... enjoyable to an extent, I'll probably give it another go next year but if I don't feel that's more interesting it may be the last for a while.

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