Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The Avengers

Saw it today at the urging of rozk, +1 for people who loved it - as usual it's obvious that the plot is in part driven by the need for things that look awesome in 3D (I didn't watch it in 3D since it gives me a headache) but it really was pretty good, had some fantastic lines with the usual Whedon flourishes, and gave most of the characters things to do that weren't just fighting - Bruce Banner got to be a scientist, as did Tony Stark, Captain America was a leader as well as a fighter, and Black Widow got to do some really cool intelligence stuff. Meanwhile Thor was a total dick (no change there), Clint Barton showed just how dangerous he could be, and Nick Fury was as devious as ever.

It could have done with a little more plot, I'm not convinced that what we got made complete success, but I don't regret seeing it now, rather than waiting for the DVD. I'm hoping, though, that the DVD will have some extra scenes etc., maybe more on some of the secondary characters.

I really didn't recognise Jenny Agutter on screen, but of course she's 60 now - she got to do some interesting things. Alexis Denisof apparently played The Other, and I have no idea who or what that is - can anyone clarify?

Icon is entirely the wrong group of Avengers, but it'll do.

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