Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Phylis has left the cutting (I think).

No pictures, because there really isn't much to see, but it looks like Phylis, the giant tunnel boring machine, has set off on her travels. Looking down the bit of the cutting this evening I could see just what looked like earth coming off some sort of conveyor belt (or possibly just the rear end of the tunnelling machine) and falling into a big truck. All of the elaborate infrastructure above and around the cutting doesn't seem to be doing anything at all yet - my guess, for the little it's worth, is that they're running the machine without the huge infrastructure of conveyor belts etc. that these things seem to need while it's near the tunnel entrance, and will finish installing and connecting everything once the second machine is under way and they can install it for the duration on both sides of the cutting.

Right now the second machine (Ada) is still in the construction area further west, and they can only move it into play by jacking up the footbridge at the end of the road. We ought to get some notice of that, I hope, which will hopefully update things generally.
Tags: crossrail

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