Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Good news, Bad news, Infuriating news

Good news - Matt Goodman of Heliograph Inc., publishers of the books I've edited and the new Diana Warrior Princess RPG I've previously mentioned, will be coming to Dragonmeet. He's a nice guy, and I expect a lot of people will want to meet him.

Bad news - No Buffy next week on BBC2 thanks to bloody snooker

Infuriating news - Web access was available at work for the first time this week today, followed by the discovery that livejournal is now blocked by our net nanny policy. Grrrr....

Later - a small version of the Diana colour cover is now on line, adding it to the first item above.

Later still - Appears that I was wrong to say that BtVS isn't on next week. They're showing one episode, The Killer In Me, on Thursday. It's one of the better episodes, unfortunately I don't have the videoplus code (BBC website doesn't list it and I can't find the TV paper). WARNING - MAJOR spoilers on the BBC site.

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