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Cookie Policy

I was reminded by charlies_diary that it's now an EU requirement for all web site owners to say if they use cookies, and if so what they do. This is spectacularly silly, since there are much more intrusive and dangerous technologies, but never mind...

This is the policy I've just posted - please feel free to copy any bits you find useful - any suggestions on things I've missed that are required for full EU compliance would be appreciated.
Cookie Policy

A particularly silly EU directive requires me to state if cookies are used on my web sites and what they do to invade visitor privacy etc. This is on a par with asking the Borgias if the food at their banquet contains nuts, since there are far more dangerous and intrusive technologies out there, but never mind...
  • To the best of my knowledge neither of the web sites I currently maintain use any cookies at all; I'm not actually competent to program them, and there would be no point since you don't have to log in etc. anyway.
  • I can't make this statement for the web hosting company I use, Nativespace, they may be using cookies for some reason but I haven't asked them to.
  • This news feed is an InsaneJournal blog, and they do use cookies for user registration etc.; I have no reason to believe they're doing anything nefarious with them.
As always a reminder that I am no longer able to make changes to my old NTLWorld web site, and really don't know what goes on under the hood there, including cookies - PLEASE don't use it.

Comments? Suggestions?

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