Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Revised cookie policy

This is a revised version of my cookie policy, adding a couple of points related to other sites and PayPal.

A particularly silly EU directive requires me to state if cookies are used on my web sites and what they do to invade visitor privacy etc. This is on a par with asking the Borgias if the food at their banquet contains nuts, since there are far more dangerous and intrusive technologies out there, but never mind...
  • To the best of my knowledge neither of the web sites I currently maintain use any cookies at all; I'm not actually competent to program them, and there would be no point since you don't have to log in etc. anyway.
  • I can't make this statement for the web hosting company I use, Nativespace, they may be using cookies for some reason but I haven't asked them to.
  • Registered users may be given passwords for temporary access to file downloads - their use probably involves cookies, but this is handled entirely by Nativespace, the hosting company, and I do not give them information on the identity of users with password access.
  • Some links on this site connect to other sites that may use cookies; most notably, if you register as a Forgotten Futures user you may choose to pay via PayPal, in which case I will be sent your contact details as part of the payment procedure - I do not pass details of registered users to any other person or site.
  • This news feed is an InsaneJournal blog; like most blogs they use cookies for user registration etc.; I do not provide any data to Insanejournal, or receive any from them.
As always a reminder that I am no longer able to make changes to my old NTLWorld web site, and really don't know what goes on under the hood there, including cookies - PLEASE don't use it.

Comments would be appreciated.

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