Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


I'll be at Congenial, the Unicon / RPG con in Cambridge, over the weekend. I'm currently involved in three programme items, all on Saturday:

Saturday 11:00, Council Room: So you want to be a Mad Scientist?
Two teams of would-be mad scientists compete to prove which are the bright sparks, and which are the missing links. It's not rocket science, it's a silly game brought to you by Peter Wareham and Gwen Funnell.

Saturday 13:00, Council Room: … never survives contact with the players
How to cope with this, and work around it, while always remembering the players’ inevitable combination of twisted ingenuity and failing to spot the bloody obvious.

Saturday 17:00, Long Room: Only Connect
A quiz about connections, presented by Diana Cox.

At some point I hope to run two scenarios - probably Jellystone (for the fanfic RPG I'm developing based on Diana: Warrior Princess rules, and Bone Hunters (previous title Marooned on Jupiter) for Forgotten Futures. I ran both at Dragonmeet last year, and Bone Hunters at Continuum three weeks ago, but hopefully there will be some players there who don't know them.

Hope I'll see some of you there!

For those who won't be, I may not be on line much during the convention - the site apparently won't have WiFi, if there's a BT Openzone point in range I'll be OK, otherwise I'll probably just take the netbook into town every day and find one, or a pub or restaurant with wifi available, long enough to collect my email.

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