Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Why I am annoyed tonight...

My one-year payment for parking my bike in Westminster ran out today, so on Tuesday I applied for a residential parking permit which is half the price; I've never bothered before, because it is a horribly complicated procedure compared to the ordinary one-year payment and takes weeks if you do it at a council office, but I discovered that it's actually easier to do it on line - you can scan the registration documents and upload them, if you are on the electoral register etc. you don't have to provide proof of residency, and the permit is issued instantly.

What the permit is supposed to do, according to their web site, is allow parking in the area where you live, and in any motorcycle bay throughout the City of Westminster. You don't even have to display anything on the bike, because it is all done electronically and the traffic wardens have computers to check if you are registered.

So this morning I ran a bit late and had to bike in to work, and left the Brick in a motorcycle bay. And, needless to say, got back to find that it was sporting a shiny new ticket.

Needless to say I've appealed, and hopefully there won't be any problem getting the ticket cancelled. But god only know how long it will take to get the bike onto their system properly so that this doesn't happen again.

Colour me unimpressed...

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