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More photos

Today's walk was just a leisurely stroll around Portobello Road market, the main point of interest being renewed construction at the Royal Oak Crossrail portal, where they are finally building a railhead to allow the removal of excavated spoil.

The way this all works is now becoming clearer - it's dug out, transferred by belt to a big pile east of Royal Oak station, and eventually will be transferred back west and loaded onto trains for removal. My guess is that they will continue to use this system even after the railhead is complete, so that they can get trains in and out quickly, rather than having them stand for days until they have a full load.

Apart from that I didn't see much of interest, but found a couple of photos I'd forgotten on the camera, from a few days ago.

First a couple more pictures of the

Second, a minor mystery. This covered bridge (or whatever it is) crosses the canal just to the north of Harrow road. There are no windows, and at the west end (left in this picture) there's a blank brick wall, no entrance at all on the other side of it. My guess is that it's carrying pipes or cables or something, except that the wall it ends against isn't that thick, or possibly is obsolescent, used to serve some purpose but has never been demolished. Anyone know?

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