Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Crossrail map

vicarage has found this page which is an interactive map of the Crossrail construction showing things like the progress of the tunnelling machines. Which turns out to be rather less than I'd thought - Ada has only gone 61 metres and its rear end is only just underground, Phyllis has gone 881M and is passing Paddington Station. Ada is shown as a shorter yellow line on this plan, and I had noticed that there seemed to be a couple of segments left behind near Westbourne Park station when it was moved into position; maybe it isn't working at full capacity yet, or something has gone wrong. But I'm guessing that they want to give Phyllis a good head start before Ada really gets down to business, so that the ground has time to settle before Ada comes through.

You can get a close-up of this area by zooming in on the bit with the tunnelling machines - I'm just South of the end of Ada.

Later: Dohhhhh.... the yellow lines are estimated progress in the next 30 days, not the length of the machines. Ada is shown as just starting to dig and moving a fair distance in that time, which may explain why there is currently a really annoying whistling noise coming from that direction - it's chewing its way in. Hopefully the noise will abate once it's fully underground. Phyllis is just approaching Paddington and will pass it over the next thirty days. After ninety days both will be well past Paddington.
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