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Bison to Bedlam exhibition

Bison to Bedlam was small but fun - they've apparently found animal bones including bison, antelope, and mammoths in the excavation right opposite my house; annoyingly the mammoth skull wasn't on display. Elsewhere they have a forgotten cemetery with a very large number of bodies which all have to be examined forensically (to make sure they are old enough not to be a police problem, and for archaeological studies) then eventually will be re-buried in a working cemetery. They did this when my school's playground (a former cemetery) was dug up, and it took most of a year. One of the skeletons was displayed, with a summary of the findings - someone who was worked hard throughout his life and died young.

later on looking through the brochure more carefully I find that the mammoth was from Canary Wharf, not opposite my house - we just had bison and antelope around here.

Other exhibits include some small bits of amber found in docklands (possibly originating there, though I'd personally bet it came from some sort of burial or trade goods originally), lots of glass, china, etc. from all over the place, including a restoration chamber pot with a rude message in the bowl, bone ice skates, etc. etc.

I hope that they'll update this periodically as the Crossrail excavations continue, it's an interesting cross-section of London's history.

And so on to t'pub where I met up with vicarage, coth and other SF fans. Unfortunately I've got a cold so had to make an early night of it.

Coming home I walked along High Holborn, and noticed that the litter bins there now have 30" (approx) video screens embedded in their sides showing news, advertising, etc. Exactly who looks at waste bins for the news (especially in a portrait format only a few words wide) is a bit of a mystery to me. Surprisingly, I only saw one screen out of 20+ with a Windows error message... More Kipple, if proof was ever needed, to show that Dick was right about the way cities are going.
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