Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

So farewell the Brick

The Brick has driven off into the sunset - somewhat later than planned since the buyer gave it a mini-service in my front garden first, but he'd already paid for it so I didn't have any problems with that. It feels odd to be bikeless, and have no immediate plans to buy one, for the first time in 35+ years, but I'm not sure I will be looking for another bike for now, and if I do in the future it'll probably be something lighter and more appropriate for city use and an occasional run to places like Cambridge - a 250cc scooter seems the most likely choice, there seem to be some nice ones around. What I definitely want is something that is still in production / has servicing readily available, a lot of my problems over the years have been made worse by the age of my bikes.

Suggestions for models etc. gratefully received, but I think I probably won't be buying until the new year at the earliest, if I buy anything at all. One model I'm definitely ruling out is BMW's C1 and derivatives, possibly the ugliest and stupidest-looking scooter ever...
[to protect your eyes...]

It's ugly, ridiculously heavy, and illegal to use in the UK without a helmet, which takes away one of the few reasons why anyone might possibly want one.

update: I've had to remove the original picture, which showed a woman in ludicrous clothes (high-heeled strappy sandals!) riding the thing, since the site disabled cross linking.

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