Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Snow again

The whole of the UK has had an amber alert for moderately heavy snowfall today and over the weekend, so I took the tube in to work. It started snowing very gently as I got in, and has been snowing lightly but persistently all morning, and settling to some extent. Still not very deep, but if this keeps up there may be a few inches by the end of the day. Our playground at work is surfaced with astroturf, a very good insulator, so the snow hasn't melted at all, and the kids had a big snowball fight during the morning break.

So my weekend plans have gone from "get some exercise" to "sloth and warmth" - I've got several unplayed DVDs and lots of writing to do so hopefully I won't get bored...

later We've just been told that the school will be closing when the least lesson ends at 3.30, no after-school activities, and staff to push off ASAP once the kids are gone. I'm really heartbroken...

and later left work at 3.45, got home a little after 4 - about as good as I ever get with public transport. Now to veg out for the next little while...

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