Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Dear Pirates, Thargoids, Fugitives, etc...

...Here I am, flying one of the largest and most powerful starships in the Ooliteverse, a Boa Cruiser. This baby costs 500K credits in its most basic form. It's big enough that it can often bring in 3K credits profit in a single flight. Meanwhile the most powerful reusable weapon in this universe, a military laser, costs 6K credits.

Is it really likely that I haven't kitted the thing out with military lasers front and back, and probably sideways too, and pimped it with every possible offensive and defensive system? Seriously? If this is as bleeding obvious as it seems, then why in the name of [insert deity of your choice] are your tactics so crap, especially when you chase my "fleeing" ship and come straight along its line of travel behind me?

Less than impressed.

Oh well, soon be Elite at this rate...
Tags: elite, games, oolite

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