Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The Hellmouth Crossovers

Over the years I've written quite a lot of fanfic as challenge responses, chapters of other people's round robins, etc., mostly on Twisting The Hellmouth. I've been editing the best bits to make them work better as stand-alone stories, and posting them on Archive of our Own. Mostly these stories haven't previously been posted to Livejournal.

That'd Be Telling - Buffy / The Prisoner
Illogical Commands - Buffy / Pulp Fiction
The Deconstruction of Xander Harris - Buffy / Star Trek TNG
A Gory Fate - Buffy / Gor novels
A Change in Priorities - Terminator SCC / zombies (any source)
Trainee - Buffy / Surprise Crossover
They Might Be Drabbles - Pushing Daisies / Multiple crossovers (several drabbles)
All Shall Love Me and Despair - Buffy / West Wing (several drabbles)
Kitty Fantastico Must Die - Buffy
Forgotten Fragments - Odds and ends of comment-fic, multiple canons.
Code Ragnarok: Good News - BtVS / Futurama
Code Ragnarok: A Little Recce - BtVS / Laundry novels
Code Ragnarok: Memos - BtVS / Futurama (and others)
Ship of the Line: Out with a Bang - BtVS / Surprise crossover

later - added The Slayer Spirit - Alternative 3 - BtVS / XKCD / Alternative 3
Tags: btvs, fanfic, multiple crossovers

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