Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Forgotten Futures IX status report

Off work today, so spent the day writing. As a result I've reached a milestone and am beginning to think I really will be ready to launch FF IX at Dragonmeet, which I was beginning to doubt.

Status now is that the Worldbook (on how to be a crazed inventor and how the referee can give crazed inventors problems) is more or less complete, but will need revising a little when I've written all the rest. The two big campaign outlines, The Queens Own Aerial Hussars (about flying ships, military vampire hunters, etc.) and Swiss Movement, (the "Victorians with babbage engines and automata" sourcethingy) are also complete apart from final revisions. I'm a thousand words into the first of the three smaller campaigns, which isn't bad considering I only started work on it today although I wrote some notes months ago. They're probably not going to be more than 5000 words apiece, so I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. One of the three may be unnecessary anyway since much of what it was going to say is in the worldbook, but I'll see about that when I've got a little more done.

Given that it's already about 80,000 words (plus all of the source material) I could really stop now, make a few changes, and launch it as is, but I'd prefer to add more. So... cautious optimism I think, and with luck I will be furiously busy duplicating CDs some time between now and Dragonmeet.

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