Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

State of the ipad

Got Documents to Go Deluxe (or whatever it's called) and linked it to my dropbox account. Seems to work well. Also some free aps - a sudoku game, GoSkywatch (which shows you the constellations etc. in the direction you point it, and ought to be fun if we have a clear evening), the Dropbox app, the Marvin ebook reader and a simple oscilloscope program.

I've now used it at home and in a Starbucks, a pub, and the British Library, the British Library wifi is so far the only one to give problems, not sure why.

Played with, and loved, the maps app, which is hugely better than Google maps provided you don't need streetview.

Pottered around looking for the thin Logitech keyboard - eventually found a branch of CEX selling it second hand for £50, but the boxes don't mention the iPad 4. I've decided to pass for now and try something a lot cheaper, a cheapo clone of the clip-on one Logitech made which sells for £11.49 - It has the rim at the front which apparently make prolonged typing uncomfortable, but I think my usage will not be that prolonged as a rule, I'm going to give it a shot. It's here if anyone else is interested:

Singularly failed to get my printer set up - it's on the network and theoretically I could run an app on my desktop PC that would let the ipad communicate with it - except that the desktop PC is on the wired network, not wireless. It's annoying, but I can live without.

Really need to configure the mail app to sign mail with something more useful than "sent from my iPad" - I presume this is in the settings somewhere, so far haven't been arsed to look for it. now sorted.

Verdict so far - REALLY like it as a browser etc., not yet convinced about productivity stuff but that's not my primary use anyway.

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