Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Okay, I think the best way to handle the railway thing (see previous post) may be as captboulanger suggested, a line in Arizona. I rather like the name I'd given the line in the original version, so I'm keeping that and saying that the line actually used belongs to another company.

This is what I've written, does it sound vaguely plausible?

These costs include the construction of the train and catapult and upgrades to a remote section of track in southwestern Arizona, near Fort Yuma, making the rails stronger and smoother than any other American railway. Hackenbacker doesn't own these tracks, they belong to another railway magnate who has taken an interest in the project, and is letting Hackenbacker use them free of charge - Hackenbacker is paying for the track repairs, of course - in exchange for a 5% share of any profits from the first flight. There will be rental fees for any subsequent flights, of course. The track at this point runs completely straight for nearly a hundred miles West to East, mostly on a rising gradient that will add a little extra upwards momentum.

Ideally I'd like to name the railway that owns the Arizona track, any suggestions on that?

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