Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Logitech keyboard

Forgot to say I picked up a Logitech slimline bluetooth keyboard for the iPad on ebay; second hand and cost £20 plus seven quid postage. It was described as "defective" because the back is a bit scratched and the magnetic clip thingy doesn't work if you put the keyboard behind the ipad, but I can't see many circs in which I would want to do that anyway. It's fine as a keyboard and cover, and really is a very nice bit of kit, infinitely better than the one I originally tried. Many thanks to all who suggested it!

I've also been downloading more apps, mostly free ones - some more science stuff, Feedly, Comics, Google Earth and Google Maps, a program that to an extent lets me print to my non-Apple compatible network printer, some solitaire games, and Tanks! Free, which is basically Battlezone with some nice bells and whistles. About... says I still have 11.5 gb left - I'm not going to worry about running out of space quite yet.

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