Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Favourite viewing angle for TV?

I have a 40" TV in my back room that I mostly use to watch movies, Doctor Who, etc., but not so much for day to day use - for that I generally use a smaller TV in my work room. At the moment it lives on a fairly large trolley which takes up a sizeable amount of floor space in a corner of the room, containing DVD players etc.

I've been thinking for a while that it might be a good idea to mount it on the wall over the fireplace instead; it would free some floor space, surround sound would work better, and it would look nicer. The snag is that it would have to be fairly high on the wall - at least 5ft 6in above floor level, above eye level when I'm sitting on the sofa - which would make it hard to do other things while watching TV. But in practice I don't tend to do much else while watching TV in there anyway.

I don't want to rush into this because it'll cost about £50 for a wall mount, cables, etc. so I need to be sure I'm making the right choice. Is there anyone on my friends list that's done this and has thoughts on it? I know I asked about this years ago, but I'm hoping that more people have these TVs now and can help me make an informed choice

This, incidentally, is more or less what I currently have as my setup, except that I ditched the VCR a couple of years ago:

  1. TV
  2. Upscaling DVD player.
  3. DVD recorder. Now more or less obsolete thanks to HD PVR. I'll probably replace it with a Blue Ray player eventually.
  4. VCR (now gone)
  5. Laserdisc player
  6. Digital TV receiver and HD recorder.
  7. SCART switch (not very visible) on top of some DVDs and other electrical junk.
  8. Surround sound amp etc.
  9. Computer - connected to the amp for component surround sound.
  10. Speakers - a fairly ordinary home cinema setup.

I'd probably put the TV on the wall, the speakers on top of the book cases to either side of it, and put the trolley where the amp is now, with the amp and computer on top of it.

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