Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

9 worlds day 1

Enjoying Nine Worlds a lot - I have some issues with the organisation, most notably the programme book is badly laid out with a couple of dozen programme streams which makes it difficult to choose events, and the use of programme rooms in two hotels on opposite sides of a VERY busy road, but the programme has something to interest me in every time slot so far. I could also say something about the price of food and drink in both hotels, and the lack of cheap con food, but I don't want to swear - let's just say that the strategic placement of a McDonalds on the route between the sites has proven very useful for me, though the amount of fat and salt I'm eating isn't ideal.

On the whole there seems to be a very eclectic mix - I've been to a couple of literary panels, a games panel, something on superhero TV shows with rozk, Paul Cornell and others, a game of "just a Minute" and some stand-up comedy about rocketry. Tomorrow looks to be more literary SF, some science, media, etc. etc. On Sunday I'm on a fanfic panel, haven't sorted what else I'll be doing yet.

The bottom line - I'm enjoying it, but I don't think I'll want to do it next year if it's a week or two before or after the Worldcon - I find that too many big cons can be pretty exhausting, also bloody expensive. I could save money by commuting instead of staying on site, it isn't that far from home, but I'll have to give that some very careful thought.

One thing I should add - the iPad is proving much better than a laptop or the little netbook for con use - it's lighter, copes with hotel WiFi better, and really works well for this sort of traveling. I've got the logitech keyboard in my room, which makes typing a LOT easier than the the on-screen keyboard; probably won't get any actual work done, but it's making it a lot easier to blog and get email done etc.

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