Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Story fragment

Something I wrote in the "writing crossovers" workshop at Nine Worlds, just a fragment - not sure if I'll do anything with it. The challenge was to choose at least two fandoms and at least one AU; I went with Jeeves and Worcester, Dr. Who and associated fandoms, and Boarding School AU:

"Sir," said Reginald Jeeves, "there is a lady to see you."

"A lady?" said John Smith.

"A journalist, a miss Sarah-Jane Smith."

"Any relative?"

"Apparently not, sir."


"I would describe her as attractive for her age."

"Oh... well, send her in, Jeeves. And I daresay some tea might be in order."

Jeeves left, and came back a few minutes later with an attractive woman in her fifties.

"Professor Smith?"

"Miss Smith?"

They shook hands, and he said "Take a seat, old thing. What's this about?"

"I wonder if you remember a woman named Martha Jones, a servant at this school before the war?"

"Jones? Jones? I can't say it rings a lot of bells." Jeeves came in with a tray and Doctor Smith turned to him and said "Does a Martha Jones ring any bells with you? Used to be a servant here?"

"Indeed, sir. She was the maid we had to dismiss after we caught her trying to steal your watch. The negress."

"Oh! Around the time those thugs broke into the church hall looking for some Doctor Chappie?"

"Exactly. It was fortunate that Captain Harkness and his detachment happened to be on exercises in the area at the time, things might have gone very badly if they hadn't intervened."

"Jack Harkness?" Sarah-Jane asked sharply.

"Know him?"

"We've had our differences. Tell me, professor, did you ever find out why she wanted your watch?"

- - - - -

Prof. Smith is The Doctor of course, and this is after Family of Blood and WW1; the watch was never opened because the housekeeper was replaced by Jeeves, who spotted Martha's obsession with Smith and dismissed her when she tried to use the watch. Harkness took out the aliens early, and for some reason it took Martha several years to get help - exactly how that help is in the form of SJS isn't clear yet, but I may come up with something. Anyone think it's worth continuing?


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