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AO3 fanfic meme - story statistics etc.

AO3 meme from selenak and misachan

Account created: 2010-04-12
Total stories: 109

Total wordcount: 750,073
Average wordcount: 6881 (average - there are a few drabbles which bring it down.)
Longest story: Family Issues (64329 words) Buffyverse / Men In Black, a rather odd Real Family story, W/T and B/S
Shortest story: The Immigrant Problem, (200) Lensman novels / Battlestar Galactica. Also lots of 100-word drabbles.

Total kudos: 660
Kudos per story: 6 (again, averaged) A lot of my stories were posted over a short period a long time after originally written, so didn't get much feedback, and a lot are short / single chapter which again brings this down.
Story with most kudos: With Friends Like These (58), Dr. Who / lots of other fandoms drabble sequence.

Total comments: 114 (this is comment theads, not comments - mostly, though, there is one original comment and one reply per thread)
Comment threads per story: 1 (again, a lot of early stories didn't get comments)
Story with most comments: Another Path, (12 threads, 28 comments) Avengers / Young Wizards.

Total author subscriptions: 25
Total story subscriptions: 30
Story with most subscriptions: Give the Boys a Great Big Hand (18), Dexter / NCIS / Burn Notice, others. Not surprising since it's the story I've updated most regularly since joining AO3, and it's popular on most sites.

Total bookmarks: 105
Story with most bookmarks: Another Path (10) again,

Stories with no comments or kudos:
Coffee, Croissants, and Cheekbones (Supergirl / Bones / Highlander / CSI) (960 words) This one I don't quite understand, it was moderately popular elsewhere.
Pre Emptive Strike (Harry Potter - Rowling, Terminator - All Media Types) (305 words) Old story
Phone Trouble (Angel: the Series, Constantine (2005), Hellblazer) (823 words) Old story
and several drabbles.
Tags: fanfic, meme

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